Owl Birthday Cake

Owl Cake | Life of Momma BBirthdays at our house are always special.  We celebrate them twice.  First, on the actual day, with just family. Then, we celebrate again with friends.

For the family cake, my daughter requested a Lemon cake with raspberry filling but left the decorations up to me.  She has recently created a fascination for owls, so I knew what to do. Continue reading →

Tiny Snowman

While it is beginning to warm up here in Florida, some parts of the country still have snow. At only three and a half inches, these miniature snowman are sure to be a big hit.

tiny snowmen free pattern |Life of Momma B Continue reading →

Patterns released

In November, I shared three patterns that are part of an e-book. The book has now been released.

The Knit Seasons by Stana D. Sorter is available on Ravelry for $15.00. The book contains 31 different patterns. The patterns are also available separately. There are so many cute projects in this book that cover a variety of topics. I will definitely be knitting a few more of the patterns.

I test knitted three of these: from left to right Bucket Hat (aka. Camouflage Hat), Boo Boo Bear (aka. Teddy Bear) and Blue Bell Hat.

Happy Knitting

P.S. Don’t worry, I still like free patterns and plan to use as many free patterns as I can.


Both of my grandmothers had green thumbs. They could grow anything.  Somewhere along the way, the gene got lost. I have a black thumb. 

When Lily decided to work on the Gardening and Plant Science merit badge, I knew I was in trouble.  For one of her optionals, she chose to build a terrarium.

terrarium Continue reading →

Tiny Tim

I had a little monkey, his name was Tiny Tim..   Are you familiar with this nursery rhyme? It is one my hubby has taught me. Tiny Tim is the perfect name for these little guy, as he is less than 4 inches tall. monkeyI found this free pattern here on Ravelry. I used #3 needles and less than 45 yards of worsted weight yarn. He is knitted flat and then sewn together. I changed the eyes by using 6/0 glass beads instead of embroidering them as the pattern recommended.

Happy Knitting

I had a little monkey; his name was Tiny Tim.

I put in the bathtub to see if he could swim.

He drank up all the water. He ate up all the soap.

Now my little monkey, has a bubble in his throat.

Going Apes for Banana Bread

Do you ever have bananas that have been forgotten after sitting on the counter for one too many days?  At my house they go into the freezer.  They are then added to smoothies for the kids- or for an extra special treat, I make banana bread.

banana bread recipe | Life of Momma B Continue reading →

Corn Chowder

Last year I received a collection of recipes from my husband’s aunt. There were a lot of family favorites that I have used and a few that I had not seen.  One was for Corn Chowder.  It sounded great, so we gave it a try. I tried tweaking the recipe several times, but it still was off. So I started searching and found a couple of different recipes.  I combined them, and added some seasoning. I must say after making my version twice now, my family likes it better than the old family recipe. Shhh… don’t tell anyone.

Corn Chowder recipe | Life of Momma B

Continue reading →

Mint Chocolate Cupcake

Today is Mint Chocolate Day. No, you will not find a parade through downtown, or banner hung proudly in homes. But, if you look closely you may find people enjoying this delightful combination.

mint chocolate cupcake | Life of Momma B Continue reading →

Bible Basics Merit Badge

Bible Basics Merit Badge Helps | Life of Momma BLast week I shared with you a worksheet I created to help with the Bible Basics merit badge, requirement #11.  Keeping with that theme, this week I would like to share another printout to aid in the completion of the Bible Basics badge at the Explorer level.

Hopefully, each girl spends time each day reading scripture. If they do not, now is an excellent time to form this habit.  I wish I had developed this habit at a young age.  Bible Basics requirement #9 has the girls spend time in scripture each day for two weeks.

This can be done by choosing a book of the bible and reading through it, or in conjunction with a devotional book. The form below has the girl record the passage of scripture they read, and what spoke to them.  Continue reading →

Here Lizard, Lizard

Living in Northeast Florida, we are surrounded by lizards.  Every time I step out the front door, I hear the little critters rustling in the leaves. It has taken me a while to get used to them. The good news is they seem to keep  the insect population under control. When I saw this free pattern on Ravelry, I knew I had to knit one.

Little Lizard free knittiing pattern | Life of Momma B Continue reading →


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