Summer Vacation in Washington D.C.

DCAre you one of the 20+ million people who plan to visit DC this year? You can find my family there again this year.  I am blessed to have family in the area and have been able to visit several times.  There is so much to do in DC that no matter how many times we go, there is always something new.  Among our top things we have done included the Washington Monument at night, watching Fourth of July fireworks from Iwo Jima,  the American History Museum “Star Spangled Banner” display, and the changing of the guards at Arlington National Cemetery

Not only it is a must see location, full of history it is also a great place to work on American Heritage Girl Badges.  Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Pulled-Pork

When the weather outside is less than ideal for smoking your pork shoulder roast threw it into the slow-cooker for perfectly moist pulled pork.

bbq sandwich made in the slow-cooker | The Life of Momma B Continue reading

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Glenic Mitts

Last week I shared the Glenic Hat I made for my niece. The pattern included instructions for a pair of fingerless mitts. After completing 75% of the first one I opted to frog it and create my own matching mitts.

Glenic Mitts | Life of Momma B Continue reading

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Have you checked out Cabana Grill yet? With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, Cabana Grill and I are giving away $25 gift certificates to the Cabana Grill in Jacksonville. Florida to two of my followers.

IMG_9547 Continue reading

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Need a drink with that?

What grandparent does not appreciate gifts made by the grandchildren?  What can three kids make that will not cost a fortune? But more importantly, what can they make that a grandfather would actually appreciate?

tile coaster | Life of Momma B Continue reading

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Fashion throughout history

My Style | Life of Momma BMy daughter wanted to finish up her My Style merit badge.  We have learned about modesty, we learned to sew using a pattern, and we looked at accessories. The only requirement left was to learn how styles have changed over the last several decades.

Requirement #11, has the girls present the fashions form different eras in a creative way.  She was to specifically look at clothes that I, her grandmother, and her great-grandmother wore.  After looking through family photos were started searching the internet.

We found a great website, The People History. It explains how styles have changed.  It also had lots of photos. I hate to admit how many of the fashions I remember wearing.

She opted to create a time-line using images we found on the website listed above.  At the top of the page their are links to images and explanations for the 20’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Hope you find this information helpful.

fashion timeline for My Style Merit Badge | Life of Momma B

NOTE: The text requirement has been greatly simplified here. Please be sure to read the full text in the Girl Handbook to make sure you fully understand the requirements.

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Home-style Meat and Potatoes

I love being able to provide my family a home cooked meal that is easy to prepare, well-balanced and they all love.

My home-style meat and potatoes is just that.  It is also ideal to take to someone after having a baby or re-covering at home.  One pan contains potatoes, hamburger patties and green beans.

Homestyle Meat and Potatoes | Life of Momma B Continue reading

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