Heel Stitch Hat

heel stitch hat

Hat number three in the box going to Kenya is called “Heel Stitch Hat” from Purl Bee website. I knitted up this hat using some Caron One Pound Aran yarn in Lace, or beige if you prefer more technical names.

This hat used two new stitches the kitchner stitch, to join the top, and the heel stitch. Supposedly, the heel stitch is used in making socks, so I guess that makes me one step closer to learning how to knit socks.

I opted not to block the hat as the instructions indicated as I thought the rolled brim added more character.  The hat has a modest amount of stretch to accommodate a growing child.

The pattern can be found here.

Waffles Anyone?

Waffle hat

This is likely one of my favorite hats that I am sending to Kenya.  I found a great pattern for this hat on the Close Knit Blog.  I have fallen in love with this pattern and I definitely see a dishcloth made using this stitch pattern in the near future.

I used left over yarn from the blanket I made (here). The bulky yarn has created a great warm hat with great texture.  If you would like the pattern it can be found here.

Happy Knitting.

Love Like a Hurricane

Hurricane Hat

How He Loves by David Crowder is one of my favorite praise songs.  It compares Christ’s love for me to that of a hurricane. It completely surrounds me on every side.

In an attempt to reduce my stash I pulled out some Light Blue Super Saver Yarn I used to make the Puppy Blanket.  I found this cute free hat pattern on another wordpress, blog LoveHestia.

The body of the hat is a simple pattern (knit 9, purl 1). Worked in a round, it came together quickly.  It does however, make a rather large hat that would be adult or teen size.

This is the first of a dozen hats going to Kenya.  Since they are needing all sizes, I have enjoyed not having to worry about gauges and final size.

Happy Knitting!


Hats for Kenya

The group Craft Hope is at it again! They are collecting donations for children in Kenya.  So I decided to decrease my stash and knit a dozen or so hats for them.


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Zig-Zag Blanket

A little over a year ago I began making a blanket / throw for my daughter. Well it is finally done.

This project began strong. I found a pattern a free pattern on-line and started knitting.  In the beginning I was able to take it with me, but it soon grew too large. Then when I missed the original deadline of my daughter’s birthday, the project was set aside.  At one point I even lost the thing and could not work on it.  But here it is, all finished.

Zig-zag blanket

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Dream Big

Recently our AHG troop had a lock-in centered around the book Frieda B. Herself by Renata Bowers. Frieda B. is a young girl with a big imagination, and she is a big dreamer. She shows us that we too can dream big. And God can use those dreams to bless others.  To learn more about Frieda B, check out her website here.

But I digress… here is the SWAP we made for the night.

Dream Cloud SWAP / www.LifeofMommaB.wordpress.com

If you would like to make this SWAP, it is super easy. Begin by printing the file below and cut along the solid line.  Fold each piece of paper in half and write your name and troop number on the blank section (which will become the back of the SWAP). Then place a single cotton ball in a 2×3 inch jewelry bag. Attach the paper header with a staple and add a safety pin.

Dream Cloud SWAP Topper

Hope you enjoy, and keep dreaming.




October Dishcloth

Did you know that there are less than 80 days till Christmas? This year is flying by. In January I decided to knit a set of twelve dishcloths as Christmas presents, one for each month. Time is running out, but here is the latest installment.

leaf dishcloth with free pattern / www.LifeofMommaB.wordpress.com


I found this free pattern written by Marilyn Wallace on the Knitting Heaven On Earth website. Of course I used my favorite size 6 needles.  For each cloth I used less than 60 yards of Peaches & Creme 100% cotton Bright Orange yarn.

Bathroom Makeover, part 6

This is the final step to finishing the bathroom. I believe that every bathroom needs a candle.  Why just sit a candle on the counter when you make it fit the bathroom.

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Bathroom Makeover, Part 5

The final step to my bathroom makeover was trinkets for the counter top. I am blessed to have a large counter which will come in handy in a few years when I have two teenagers in the house. There is plenty of room for both of them. But, it also leaves me with a lot of blank space that needed a little something.

Sun sand surf

In my search for idea I found several wood block decor items on Pinterest. Most of them linked back to Etsy.com and cost between $20 and $30 plus shipping. I knew I could make it for a fraction of that, so back to the hardware store I went. Continue reading →

Bathroom Makeover, Part 4

bathroom wall art

The beach is our favorite place to vacation. I love spending the day sitting on the beach with my toes in the sand reading a book. Everytime we go, we come home with a collection of shells. I decided they would be the perfect addition to the bathroom.

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